Strangers to Love
  The X-spurts  
Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads


1 Lady
2 Hard Luck
3 Everybody Knows You
4 Always Room In Hell
5 Looking Glass
6 Get It Together
7 In Spirit with You
8 The Right Place
9 Broken Down Angel
10 Hang Out A While
11 Heaven
12 Slip Away
13 Wind Me Up


The X-SPURTS literally crawled out of a New Jersey basement in the mid-80s. Located directly across from a local dive called the Club Elmore, the 5 piece band wrote songs about their lives and the people around them, drank and became X-SPURTS forever.

Founded by brothers Bill (song writer, guitarist and vocals) and Charles Beyer (Drums/Percussion) and joined by guitarist Frankie Consoli and bassist Mauro, 'The Doc', Buonarota the band dubbed "Frankie Mob" was born. The foursome known for their live performances wrote raw, loosely structured hard rock tunes that focused on dual guitars and roaring vocals.

That changed when the band was joined by keyboardist, songwriter and vocalist Ron Garcia, aka Bad Ronald. He brought fresh arrangements, vocal harmony, layers of synth and strings and structure to the band. The X-SPURTS were the result of the collision of unrefined energy and composition. "We needed to pull things together and tighten things up but we didn’t want to lose what was at the core of the band. Ron understood that and it was never a struggle to keep the balance."

Garcia and Beyer headed the writing effort and swapped the lead vocal chores almost song for song. The band's individualistic style drew from many sources and transcended any one genre. The X-SPURTS continued to perform with a variety of headline acts up until the early 90's.

Charlie studied at the Drummers Collective in NYC in the late 1970's, and early 1980's. He has continued his studies privately with many great players including Joe Morello, Don Famularo and Michael Lauren. His search to constantly hone his craft has lead him to recently attend theory and improvisational classes at Berklee school of music and attend private classes on African Djembe.