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"Mojo" (pron.: /modo/), in the African-American folk belief called hoodoo, is an amulet or a spell carried on a person's body -- a "prayer in a bag" -- containing an assortment of magical items. That's also a pretty accurate description of that other mixed bag, Rock and Roll.

TEN TON MOJO -- whom fans are calling "easily the best rock band in New York City" -- is unapologetically guitar-heavy Rock. Ernie Papp's whiskey-soaked vocals cut confidently through the band, becoming the perfect complement to the always solid, occasionally crazed drumming of Paul Kane and the street-wise guitars of Gabe Mera & Scott Lano.

Achieved in an impressively short time, TEN TON MOJO recorded their debut album and released a 7" single for the original song "Pinball Girl," which is prominently featured in the indie movie Pinball Donut Girl. The band has been playing to packed audiences in New York, and has charmed their loyal fan base with their dynamic, energetic -- and LOUD -- live performances.



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