Rock Star
  Sam   Michael Weston King
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1. Rockin Bud
2. Prodigal Son
3. Rockin Road
4. God Damn Blues
5. Sambeau's Blues
6. Ode To A Cup
7. Purdy Gurl
8. That's The Way
9. Blinded By The Sun
10. Radiator Man
11. Botox Babe
12. Match.Com
13. Go With The Flow
14. Unrolled


The Rockin' Buds sound is based on the guitar sounds, textures and recording methods of the 60's & 70's as used by classic rock bands such as The Rolling Stones. This music was recorded from amps fully cranked into mics to get a very natural guitar sound. Inspired by the acoustic sound of Jimmy Page and the weaving sounds of Keith Richards & the Stones, here are 13 deep cuts which will leave you wanting more.

Acoustic guitars used on this cd are vintage Gibson, Martins & Epiphones. Electric guitars are Fender & Gibsons.

These songs were all played in real time by real people. No loops. No samples. No cutting and pasting.

The Rockin Buds are lead by New York based guitar aficionado Sammy Gluck. Sam brought the band to Cottage Sound Studio in Middlebury, CT to work with producer/arranger Eddie Seville whose credits include Steel Rodeo and Frank Carillo’s Bandoleros.

Sammy says that anyone can be a Rockin’ Bud, just play loud and rock hard. After all... It’s Only Rock & Roll.