Lost in America
  Albert Carey   MCS - Lost In America
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1. If I Was Loving You
2. Hungry for the Blues
3. Alexandria
4. No Time
5. Redemption Road
6. Workin' It
7. Too Much Fun
8. Lost in America
9. Peace Love and Bbq
10. City Lights

  Albert Carey is a veteran performer and former member of the late/legendary Mick Ronson Band. Mick Ronson was one of the best guitar players of his time. He was the guitarist for David Bowie in the classic Spiders From Mars days. Albert played bass with 'The Mick Ronson Band' during the '70s and appears a new compilation disc on this disc of "found" recordings called 'Mick Ronson - Just Like This'.

This album was recorded in November and December of 1976 at Bearsville Sound Studio and The Barn, Woodstock, NY. This collection contains a bonus CD in a nice package with a booklet full of pictures and alot of liner notes and dedications to Mick, who passed away in 1993, shortly after playing at the concert tribute to the late Freddie Mercury.

In 2001, Carey released his first solo effort, which was a well-crafted album of killer classic rock and blues with a generous supply of stirring ballads. Produced by 'The Slimmer Twins' production team of Jody Gray and Paul Orofino, the CD entitled 'Ten Cents Short Of A Dime' is the distilled spirit of the 70's roaring past the millennium.

Carey has waited six years to complete his newest CD, his first for Poptown Records, which offers up more great songs and the smokey flavor of searing, down-home playing with Carey's pipes in fine form. No posin', No apologies. Nothing artificial: no synthesizers allowed!