Richie Scarlet - Live

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The Morgue The Merrier

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Splitting Heirs

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1 - The Messiah Will Come again
2 - She’s Got Everything
3 - Rebel Boy
4 - Johnny’s In Love
5 - Eastbound Train
6 - Angry Young Man
7 - Funk You
8 - My way
9 - Three O’Clock Blues
10 - Town Without Pity

1 - Calabrese
2 - The Dead Elvi
3 - Psycho Charger
4 - Richie Scarlet
5 - Spooky Pane and the Migraines
6 - The Scared Stiffs
7 - Steel Rodeo
8 - Stark
9 - Bottle Of Smoke
10 - Bombshell
11 - Tripwave
12 - Ugly Friend
13 - The Blame
14 - The Subway Surfers
15 - Push 13


1 - Enuff Z'nuff
2 - Widowmaker
3 - Roxx Gang
4 - Richie Scarlet
5 - Lovemaker
6 - Young & Fabulous!
7 - The Zeros
8 - Trash Brats
9 - Pin Ups
10 - Junebug
11 - Laughing Sam's Breakdown
12 - Sun Kings
13 - The Characters

Richie Scarlet is world renowned as a member of the Ace Frehley Band (Kiss), Sebastian Bach & Friends (Skid Row) and Mountain (Leslie West). But Richie's discography goes deeper than that, including recordings with Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway & Neal Smith of the original Alice Cooper Group.

In 1997 Scarlet recorded 'Wise Guy From New York'. The band featured an all star cast including Skid Row's ex-front man Sebastian Bach (duetting with Scarlet on the track 'Sly Little Bitch') and Frehley's Comet colleagues John Regan and Anton Fig. The record, which featured a cover of Robin Trower's 'I Can't Wait Much Longer', comprised some electrifying guitarwork and generated a healthy media response.

Recording of a new solo project throughout 2000-2001 found a string of old acquaintances and friends involved. The list included Ace Frehley, Leslie West, Ty Tabor of Kings X, drummer Neal Smith and bassist Dennis Dunaway, guitarist Buck Dharma from Blue Oyster Cult, bassist John Valenti and drummers Anton Fig and Steve 'Budgie' Werner.

Scarlet has also made a name for himself as a producer. Check out the Chesterfield Kings album ' Berlin Wall of Sound'. That one was his!

"Stage to Stage" is Richie's fourth solo CD, but the first one recorded live! This is an incredible disc filled with all the live power of a Richie Scarlet show! Recorded on the road, it includes all the best stuff!