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  Dino Fregosi   Dino Fregosi - Rock & Roller
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1. Take Me Away
2. See
3. No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature
4. Dreamer
5. Help
6. In Lust We Trust
7. Goodbye
8. The Letter
9. Bound To Please
10. Till the End of the Day
11. Maximum Rock & Roll
12. Have You Ever Seen the Rain
13. Bad Boy
14. Crazy Like A Mad Dog

  Fregosi made a name for himself fronting a number of successful rock & punk bands in the eighties, which wasn’t so easy. Back then there were plenty of rock clubs to play, but also plenty of competition. Almost any night of the week you could get out and see blistering hot bands like St. John, D.C. Star, T.T. Quick, White Slave and the unforgettable Tommy V. Of course, the drinking age was only 18, so rooms like Gemini 2, Briar Patch and Rising Sun were packed with denim and leather clad teenagers who always had one fist wrapped around a beer bottle while thrusting the other one up in the air, shouting out their favorite rock slogans.

But whether it was with Dino and the Hostages, Dino and the Detonators, Dino and the Maniacs or Dino and the Mad Dogs, there was no keeping this bad boy down. Music supply mogul Ed Roman writes on his web site, “I used to drive this motorcycle into the club, down a couple stairs and onto the dance floor with Dino Fregosi standing on the back seat to open one of his wild shows”. Dino’s popularity continued to grow as he periodically teamed up with axeman Richie Scarlet during Scarlet’s breaks from the Ace Frehley band, but Fregosi really became a ‘must see’ sensation in the nineties when he toured relentlessly fronting the Alice Cooper tribute, Nightmare.
Playing the best venues from Baltimore to Boston, each Nitemare show began with Fregosi and his chainsaw

nailed inside a plywood coffin. As the lights flooded the stage and music started, Fregosi would crank up the chainsaw and cut his way out to the roar of the crowd. Other Nitemare antics included traditional Cooper hangings, beheadings, live snakes and the occasional feigned sex acts with a mannequin or blow up doll.

No words, no photographs, no studio recordings could accurately portray what it’s like to watch Fregosi on stage. You could compare him to Bon Scott, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper or Stiv Bators, but still you wouldn’t be doing him justice. His innate ability to improvise allows him to successfully take control of any room and use just about anything, or anyone, as a prop. So consider yourself warned! He will roll around on your pool table, he will swing from your ceiling fans and he may run out into the street with his wireless microphone, only to come crashing back through your doors wearing a shopping from the parking lot! No boundaries, no rules. That’s rock & roll! That’s Fregosi!

When the rising drinking age removed enthusiastic teen spirit from the club scene and MTV destroyed the magic and thrill of going out to experience live rock, many of the New York headliners started to fade. Fregosi also faced his own demons and experienced a number of personal set backs that kept him from crossing over into the national arena.

Playing the best of AC/DC, Sweet, Cheap Trick, T. Rex and Bowie, Fregosi also continues to put his own spin on classics from Zeppelin, the Stones and Humble Pie. An Ebay search will find you a copy of the Hostages EP (Horrorshow Records, 1983) featuring four original songs written by Fregosi and company or a copy of the ‘Always the Same’ 45 (Riviera Records 1984) featuring Fregosi, Scarlet, Larry Fisher & Billy Lomax. Rock bands will come and rock bands will go, but I think it’s safe to say Dino will go on forever!